/ma·nu·fàt·to/: adj. and s. m. [From Lat. manu factus 'handmade'] done and guided by the hand of man



Manufatto projects born from The synergy between the designers way to project and the manual skils of artisans.Manufatto is a thought and a way of acting that recognizes the centrality of craftsmanship in the project, that recovers the territorial and local working traditions.
Italy is the place where this thought has a way to exist thanks to historical craft excellences: Manufatto is a network of artisan workshops and designers that cooperate, exchange techniques and mindset

Small mono-material objects were born: they represent the archetype of the gestures that inspired their design.
Manufatto is then cognitive object which is modeled  around its function and the interaction with mankind..Dalla sinergia tra la guida del designer e la manualità dell’artigiano nascono i progetti di Manufatto.

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Manufatto, progettato dal fare.